Our Vision

Our vision is to share our success and values by providing our community with affordable solutions to their technical needs.  One home user, one small business at a time we continue to elevate our excellence by striving to receive complete customer satisfaction.  We help you save your information, launch a new website, engineer a network with the most sustainable and responsible practices that we are capable of.  If a reconditioned server fits your needs and saves the environment and your wallet then its the best fit.  We promise not to try and sell you on something that you don’t need!

Our Story

ThankQ tech takes from years of experience working IT in the Tri-state area, back to Virginia.  Degrees in both computer science and network engineering are the backbone.  Launched in 2007 in Floyd County we now provide services to the Roanoke area.

Next Steps…

We would certainly like to meet you to hear about your project, plan or problems.  It can be as easy as getting a cup of coffee with no strings attached.  To setup a consultation give a call using the number below or email us using our form.

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